My name is Alex and I am very pleased that you have accepted my invitation to listen to my compositions of different genres
My name is Alexander Joachim Schulz

I was born in Germany in 1967 and have lived and worked in this country ever since.

I have set up a music studio at home where I spend a lot of time.

The equipment I work with is state of the art and of good quality,

so that I can give free rein to my creativity.

My first own projects consisted of composing melodies,

writing lyrics and singing.

In the hope that my music could one day enrich the film and television industry,

I began to create my compositions for precisely this purpose.

My goal for the future is to expand my music collection quickly and constantly.


“  I  Love  To  Do  That  „
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1. Thrilling
2. Romantic
3. Good Feeling
5. Walk To The War
6. Go Ahead
7. The Challenge
8. Indian Bari Strat
9. 80er
10. Hunter
11. Run
13. Exciting Situation
15. Mexican
16. Funny Ghost
17. E Guitar
18. Trailer
19. Happy
20. Grow Up
21. Lets Go
22. Melancholie
23. Race Game
24. Tropic Chill
26. Funk Soul
27. Romantic Eyes
28. Agent 2
29. Agent 3
30. Whats Up
31. North West
36. Find Out
37. Inspiration
38. Like A Dream
39. Entering The War
43. Tech Beat
45. I Feel Good
46. Reflective
47. Drama
49. Satisfied
50. 80er Romantic
51. Soft Electro
53. Sad Memory
55. Osti Action
56. The Observer
57. Osti Mystic
58. The Gang
59. Osti Action Four
60. Ostinato Melodic
61. Tracking
65. Feel Free
66. Alone In The Dark
67. The Lost War
68. Mr. Detective
69. The Preparation
70. Feel The Love
71. Electric Powder
73. Montezuma
75. Crazy Baby
76. I Feel So Alive
77. Summertime
78. Be Strong
79. Spy
80. Rave With Me
81. I Need You
83. The Escape
84. Reminder
86. Oxygen
88. In My Dream
89. Deep Water

If you´d like to get in touch, I´d love to hear from you.

Either fill in the contact form or drop me an email at

Thanks !


    Alexander Joachim Schulz
    Panoramastraße 26
    72401 Haigerloch

    Tel.: +4917631646404

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